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Spider Jig Black HeadSpider Jig Black Head
Mossback Spider Jig Black Head
From R 34.95
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Tungsten Worm WeightTungsten Worm Weight
Mossback Tungsten Worm Weight
From R 44.95
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Banded SkirtBanded Skirt
Mossback Banded Skirt
R 16.95
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Weighted Underspin HookWeighted Underspin Hook
Tungsten Flipping WeightsTungsten Flipping Weights
Swing-It Chatter BaitSwing-It Chatter Bait
Trailers Curly TailTrailers Curly Tail
Bottom Jig with CPS
Mossback Bottom Jig with CPS
From R 34.95
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Tungsten Skirted Punch WeightTungsten Skirted Punch Weight
Tungsten Weedless Whacky Jig Head
Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weight
Tungsten Ball Jig HeadTungsten Ball Jig Head
Mossback Tungsten Ball Jig Head
From R 69.95
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Tungsten Whacky Jig Head
Underspin Spare BladeUnderspin Spare Blade
Tungsten Weedless Ball Jig HeadTungsten Weedless Ball Jig Head
Tungsten Shakey Head JigTungsten Shakey Head Jig
Mossback Tungsten Shakey Head Jig
From R 109.95
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