Tackle Cabin is the latest player in the South African Angling Market. We would love to firstly, welcome you to part of the family! YOU are what makes Tackle Cabin - our customers and friends

We are not just here to play the game, we are here to change it. Our customers are our number 1 priority. We are launching with a bang - a massive one. We have sourced South Africa's most popular brands and offer incredibly competitive pricing across the board. We are not the cheapest store out there, but our offering is unique in other ways

Who we are?

Meet team Tackle Cabin. The brainchild of James Bradnick and Kieran Daly. With extensive experience in angling and other commercial ventures, we are here to serve your needs

James Bradnick comes with a wealth of experience beyond his years. Having worked for Vape Cartel as the Marketing Manager, he branched out to pursue his own interests in Film and Photography. He runs the successful Urban Poetry and continues to do so. Specialists in Film Production, Multimedia, Wedding Photography and anything digital

Kieran Daly is the owner of Vape Cartel, one of South Africa's premier vape stores. With extensive experience is Retail and E-Commerce, he brings his knowledge to the Tackle Cabin table

Combining our wealth of experience and love of angling, we are Team Tackle Cabin

What we are

We are not here to be just another tackle store, we are here to make an impact and be a serious contender in the field. Our promise will always be to serve our customers to the very best of our capability, provide competitive pricing and the widest selection possible of premium angling gear and accessories

When we started

Founded in June 2020, Tackle Cabin is the new kid on the block and here to do things differently

Where we are situated 

Unit H3 Supreme Industrial Park - Steeledale JHB South. We have secured a fantastic premises. Our 240sqm warehouse has been tastefully converted into a premium freshwater tackle store. We cater for Carp, Bass and all general freshwater angling. Although we are based in Johannesburg, we are online too. Our courier partners will get your orders delivered quickly no matter where you are in South Africa

Why we started Tackle Cabin

We want to change things up - simple as that. We have identified a gaping hole in the industry and we fully intend to fill it up