Bass Swivels, Snaps & Split Rings

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Barrel Swivel
KingFisher Barrel Swivel
R 9
In stock, 333 units
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Barrel Snap Swivel
KingFisher Barrel Snap Swivel
R 15
In stock, 157 units
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FTC Fastach Clip
5124 CPS Centering Pin Spring
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Stainless Steel Quick Clips
KingFisher Stainless Steel Quick Clips
From R 19
In stock, 16 units
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Split Ring
KingFisher Split Ring
R 12
In stock, 49 units
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Rolling Swivel
Docks Rolling Swivel
From R 21.95
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Multi Clips
Docks Multi Clips
R 29.95
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Rolling Swivel with Ring
Docks Rolling Swivel with Ring
From R 30.95
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Japan Power Swivel
KingFisher Japan Power Swivel
From R 17
In stock, 91 units
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Edges Swivel
Fox Edges Swivel
R 79.95
In stock, 9 units
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Mini Big Eye Swivel
Docks Mini Big Eye Swivel
R 39.95
Only 1 unit left

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