4th Dimension Aviator Sunglasses

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Your eyes are your most valuable tool on the water. Whether you’re a lifelong angler or you’re just starting out your career on the bank, what you see (and what you don’t) can seriously determine your chances of success or failure at the water’s edge. After all, how often has the sight of a rolling fish kept you in a swim for those extra few hours – rewarding you with a new personal best capture? And how often have you packed up and left, only to hear of a friend getting a top class capture from your swim mere hours later? Being able to read the water is a skill that surpasses all others on the bank. Regardless of the quality of your tackle – if you can’t clearly see what is going on out in your venue then you might as well have invested in children’s toys. This is why a pair of quality polarising sunglasses is absolutely vital to your angling success

If you are looking to invest in a brand new pair of top end polarising sunglasses then you need look no further. These Korda 4th Dimension Aviator Sunglasses have been designed in order to ensure that you can enjoy crystal clear vision over the water – regardless of the weather conditions. Keeping you stylish on the bank whilst also enhancing your performance. The sunglasses have been designed with a slimline frame, too. Not only does this look good but it also reduces the overall weight of the glasses – ensuring that they don’t slip down your face each time you lean over the water with your angling net to land a catch.

The Korda 4th Dimension Aviator Sunglasses come in two different lens options – each of which has been paired with a matching frame colour. All sunglasses also offer incredible colour enhancement, allowing you to more easily distinguish dark fish under the water and helping you to identify the prime features that are perfect for increasing your angling accuracy. It goes without saying that these glasses also have incredible light cutting power. This ensures that you never have to squint through the glare on the surface of the water, not only allowing you to see a clearer picture of what is going on under the surface but also preventing the kind of headaches that you might usually associate with warm-weather angling

No matter what type of fishing you’re doing, polarising sunglasses are one of the most important bits of kit you can own. Being on the bank without a pair of sunglasses on a bright day is similar to turning up without your bait or hook: without being able to properly see your quarry you’re never going to get a catch. This is why Korda has worked hard to create a range of top end sunglasses that help you see deeper through the water to your quarry. This ensures that you can pick and choose your ideal pair of glass to suit not only your needs but also your fashion sense. Korda’s 4th Dimension Aviator Sunglasses are the ideal choice for the fashion conscious carp angler who wants a versatile pair of lenses that they can wear off and on the bank

Product Features

  • Cuts down glare to allow you to see your water clearly
  • Timeless style
  • Slimline, fashionable frames
  • The large lenses give great coverage

Package Contents

  • 1x pair Korda 4th Dimension Aviator Sunglasses


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