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If you’re looking for a pair of top quality polarised sunglasses for all your carp fishing activities then you need look no further than these Korda Classics. Polarising sunglasses are some of the most important items of tackle that you can take to the bank, regardless of how sunny it is outside. After all, sometimes the brightest days on the bank are when the sky is covered with white cloud, with the sun itself nowhere to be seen. However, if you do arrive at the bank on a sunny day without a pair of sunglasses with you then you might as well turn around and go home. Even on the dullest of days it is incredibly difficult to spot the dark shape of a carp under the water, on a bright day that becomes almost impossible. Sunlight that hits the water refracts off its surface, like light bouncing from a mirror. As a lake or river is rarely totally flat, this light can become scattered, hitting your eyes in concentrated bursts. Polarising sunglasses can make the impossible possible as they cut through the glare on water, allowing you to clearly see through the water to the carp below the surface

However, not only is it important to use sunglasses to help you see but sunglasses are also vital for protecting your eyes. Sunlight contains harmful ultra-violet rays, which are split into two different categories. UVB rays are the best known of the two, as these are the rays which can cause the most visible damage to your skin, as UVB rays burn the surface layer of skin. UVA rays are the less known of the two. However, these rays are probably the most damaging of the two as they penetrated deep into the dermis. The effects of UVA rays are usually seen in later life, in the form of liver spots and other signs of aging. However, ultra-violet light can also lead to cell mutation, potentially causing tumours and cancers. If you are somebody who suffers from sensitive skin that is prone to burning then your eyes are at the same risk. Just as you would put suncream on your skin you need to put protection on your eyes and sunglasses are the only way to do this

If you’re an angler who wants to look as good on the bank as you do off it then these Classic Sunglasses from Korda are the perfect option for you. Designed in the traditional timeless style, these sunglasses look great off and on the bank. There are three different styles of glasses available in this classic range. The first is a brown lens with matt tortoiseshell frame. These are ideal for angling in variable light conditions and are perfect for all those bright but overcast days when you’re not in direct sunlight but you’re still squinting to see. The second option is a classic matt black frame with classic grey lenses. These look great off and on the bank and are perfect for a wide variety of light conditions. The final option is a demi-tortoiseshell frame with yellow lens. Yellows lenses are ideal for low light fishing and are perfect for all your dusk and dawn angling. No matter what type of carp angling you do, these Korda Classic Sunglasses will help you see into the fourth dimension

Product Features

  • Kordas newest Classic Sunglasses are here
  • Cuts down glare to allow you to see your water clearly
  • Timeless style
  • Matte Tortoise Shell Classics with a brown lens
  • Matte Black Classics with a grey lens

Package Contents

  • 1x pair Korda Classic Sunglasses


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