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Flavour: Pink Perils - 10mm
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These highly attractive hook baits have an unrivaled buoyancy, nutritional profile and physical structure. Made entirely from scratch, rather than using over-flavoured blanks as is now common within the bait industry. Loaded with proven feed stimulants, starting right from the refined milk proteins used in our in-house designed pop up mix. Added Betaine HCL and unique, carefully blended flavours along with complimentary powdered appetite stimulants

Enhanced by the addition of a bright colour, creating a strong visual signal to match the attraction provided by the appetite stimulants. With a firm structure, they can easily be mounted by piercing, tying with bait floss or using a bait screw. Easily trimmed to create a critically balanced bait of an unusual shape

Available in eight superb flavours, we believe we have all the bases covered when it comes to finding that extra bite on the hardest of days

Fruitylicious – A blend of subtle fruit esters coupled with a much under-used classic essential oil at a low level gives these baits an amazingly unique aroma. You will never have smelt anything like this before, we can guarantee it

Milky Malts – During testing we struggled to keep these baits in the pots whenever we showed anybody due to their uniquely appetising, creamy flavour. Part of this is due to the mixture of three flavours and the addition of the incredible Milk E+ powder. We suggest that during use you keep the lid on to ensure you do not eat them all yourself

PB’s – Of course, we could not do a fluoro range without including the awesome and well-proven pineapple flavour somewhere along the line. To mix things up a little, though, we have coupled it with a lower-level banana flavour to give it a sublimely smooth undertone. These give extra life to a long-term classic and you can be assured the spirit of the yellow peril lives on in these bad boys

Pink Perils– We cannot believe how such a simple and natural spice flavour combination can be so darn effective! Utilising a blend of sweet, powdered spices along with a spice flavour, their warm tones kid you into thinking these just work in the winter, but you’d be wrong! These baits are supremely effective all year round! Whether used trimmed down on the surface or as conventional pop-ups, these baits know no bounds

Wraysberries – These little red devils were on our secret list for a while and, with some superb results during testing, we just knew they were going to be something special. A summer-fruit, ester-based flavour, combined with a secret addition straight from Mr Wonka’s factory, means they definitely fall into the ‘one more sniff’ category

Package Contents

  • 1x Tub DNA Fluoro Pop-Ups


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