IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink

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Breaking Strain: 10lb 0.32mm - 20m
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The IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink from Korda is the ideal solution for those anglers’ who find the original IQ hookink too stiff for their needs. Whilst a soft IQ hooklink is definitely not the norm, this innovative extra soft variant on a classic does offer up a whole host of additional possibilities when it comes to carp fishing – particularly when you’re fishing with breaking strains on the lighter end of the spectrum or when you’re fishing with smaller hooks and baits

The Korda IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink was designed with the assistance of Steve Renyard; a name you’ll more than likely be familiar with if you’ve been carp fishing for any period of time. Steve is widely considered to be one of the most innovative British carp anglers out there and he has been fishing the UK’s carp waters for more than two decades. He’s probably best known for his invention of the renowned Withy Pool Rig, which was first developed in the 1980s and has been refined over the decades to be one of the most successful carp fishing rigs ever designed. He paired with Korda in order to design this IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink after noticing a number of draw backs with the original designs of the IQ hooklink and, ever the innovator, believed that he could make a few modifications in order to improve the versatility and performance of the classic design

The main benefit of the Extra Soft IQ2 is the way it responds to bait in the water. A standard IQ holds the bait in a relatively fixed position whereas the Extra Soft IQ allows the bait to move more ‘naturally’ in the water. Steve believes that this more natural movement actually allows the hook to enter the mouth of the carp easier and with more consistency than stiffer held bait. This in turn reduces the number of ‘false takes’ Steve has experienced, exponentially increasing his overall catch rate! The softer IQ also reduces the risk of hook pulls when on a 10lb or 12lb line with a smaller hook. This is because the hooklink allows the bait to enter the mouth of the carp fully, improving the depth at which the hook is set, even when you’re fishing with a smaller hook, and reducing the risk of unfortunate hook pulls

The fluorocarbon element of the Extra Soft IQ was another feature that Steve insisted upon. Fluorocarbon refracts light in almost the exact same way as water, making it practically invisible in the water. This makes it the perfect hooklink choice when you’re targeting nervous or suspicious carp. Fluorocarbon is also effective both tight line and slack line fishing for this reason, too. When paired with a fluorocarbon mainline you are able to fish with devastating effects

The Korda IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink is ideal for use with zig rigs, pop-up rigs, and D-rigs. The hooklink is supplied on a spool of 20m. Available in breaking strains of 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, and 20b, you have ample choice when picking the perfect IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink for your needs and it is an excellent addition to Korda’s range of terminal tackle. Korda has been manufacturing top end terminal tackle since 1993, when Danny Fairbrass handed in his notice to focus on his passion – carp fishing. The brand has grown from strength to strength over the years and today it is widely considered to be one of the best brands on the UK market. Garnering the respect of the UK’s finest carp anglers in no mean feat and Korda has managed just that

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  • 1x 20m Korda IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink


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